Sunday 30 April 2017
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Why We Must All Embrace Electronics Recycling

Everyone today is talking about electronic recycling because people are slowly realizing how their small acts of commission and omission are having a negative impact towards the environment and putting at risk our own existence and especially that of the next few generations. There are a lot of toxic materials and chemicals that are contained in televisions, computers, cell phones, fax machines and other electronic devices that somehow find their way to landfills. Apart from the space that they take up in landfills, a more important concern as far as electronic waste is concerned is the potentially toxic materials that could easily leak and spread to nearby areas including the possibility of poisoning underground water sources.

When talking about electronic waste we are dealing with such a wide arrays of elements staring from the lead that is found in in cathode ray tubes or the CRTs that have been for a long time been used in desktops or lithium, cadmium and silver that are found in laptop batteries, there are many other forms of toxic substances that find their way to landfills all over the country. When these compounds find their way into landfills the chemicals will seep out whenever it rains and spread to nearby water sources. If the cadmium found in batteries leaked, it can cause severe lung damage to anyone who would breathe in a great amount of the chemical. Lead, which is also found in electronics, has the potential of damaging the nervous system in children and adults.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still concerned that electronic waste still finds its way to the landfills with the amount increasing every year with televisions, laptops and cellphones leading the way. Millions of laptops and cellphones that get discarded monthly as soon as their owners upgraded to something better. The other greater component of electronics is TVs especially after the much hyped digital migration. Chicago computer recycling companies are all encouraging people all over to embrace electronic recycling so we can save the world for the next generation. Some of the benefits associated with electronic recycling which include the following:

Reuse of electronics: Electronic recycling experts will consider whether the gadget can be repaired and reused. The repair of electronics ensures that their introduction to the waste stream is delayed and they can benefit the next person who buys them.

Removal of toxic materials: Sometimes you will encounter and electronic item that cannot be repaired, electronic recycling ensures that all toxic materials are removed so they don’t endanger the landfill.

Safely dispose electronics: With Chicago electronics recycling opening drop off points in most places some unusable electronics such as computers, VCRs and others are turned in. it is estimated that only about 5% of the obsolete electronic devises have been turned in for electronic recycling and disposal; people have stored the rest and forgotten them which is itself a dangerous situation.

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