Friday 7 April 2017
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Cheap Xbox Live Cards at Offgamers

A popular online multiplayer platform, Xbox Live is operated Microsoft. It is extremely famous and it has garned a lot of appreciation from everyone using it. While Xbox Live is a free service, there are many services that are open only for subscribers.


If you wish to enjoy the experience of Xbox Live, then you should buy Xbox live gift card using which you will get access to a lot stuff that can be downloaded such as High def movies, games and game add-ons along with the latest TV shows. All the mentioned content can be downloaded on your Xbox 360, Xbox One or Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The gift card also gives you the ability to download the latest games as soon as they are released in market. You can buy Xbox live code either from retailer stores or from online sellers. Once you have these cards in your possession, you do not need to make any purchases by making use of credit cards and therefore there is no need to give out credit information.

Once you have the card with you, it is time to redeem it so as to be able to make purchases. Follow the below steps for a detailed explanation regarding how to redeem it. You can redeem these prepaid codes either on a console or on a PC.

  • The first step is to launch the browser and head over to the window to redeem code and sign in.
  • To redeem, you will first have to sign in to your Microsoft Account. After logging in head to redeem.
  • There is 25 character code on your Xbox Live gift card that is present at the back. Enter the code and hit enter. You have redeemed your card.

In order to redeem the card from your Xbox console, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Head to the Store and go to Homepage
  • Select Games options from under Categories section
  • Now go for the option ‘Use a Code’. Alternatively, you can even speak ‘Xbox, Use Code’.
  • When you are prompted, sign in.
  • If your code is in a QR code, you can hold it near to the Kinect Sensor
  • In the absence of a QR code, you can opt for ‘Or enter your 25 character code’. Hit enter after putting in the code.

There are a number of online sellers like who offer cheap Xbox live gift card, however not all of them are authentic. You can look for reputed gaming portals which offer these cards at a much discounted rate.

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