Sunday 6 November 2016
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Dedicated Servers for Cheap Frees You from The Hassle of Overspending!  

Dedicated or shared hosting server – the battle of these two hosting options have been plaguing the minds of many! Well, the comparison is crystal clear in reality. If you are a greenhorn looking to make a kick-start in the web racket, going for shared hosting provider is most likely. Why? First, because it is pocket friendly. Second, since the hosting option provides you access to all necessary resources, FTP accounts, data bases and disk space, enough to handle a low to medium traffic.

On the contrary, if your website is killing at drawing overwhelming volumes of traffic every-day, there’s nothing better than dedicated servers. Here’s a quick glimpse at how a dedicated hosting provider marks higher grades compared to traditional shared ones.Image result for Dedicated Servers for Cheap Frees You from The Hassle of Overspending!

  1. Reliability – With a website in business, it is imperative to pick a hosting platform that’s reliable and offers top-notch security. Even cheap dedicated servers ensure greatest scales of security, keeping your site away from the risks of being exposed to malicious other sites.
  2. Freedom to Modify – Shared hosting provider grants you a very limited disk space for your site’s storage needs. Certainly, not the case with dedicated servers in function. The entire server hosts your site. From customizing RAM space, CPU power and software, you can do anything to meet your business requirements.
  3. Performance – Enhanced security and opulent disk space guarantee peak performance for your site even when high volumes of traffic are springing in. No fear of downtime, degrading your site’s reputation by large. Smooth and lag-free interface works like a catalyzer, welcoming greater counts of traffic and more prospects for better business.
  4. IP Address – Shared or dedicated, every website works on an IP address. The only difference – with dedicated servers, you can enjoy an absolute unique IP address. This indeed comes with a lot of perks. Shared servers imply shared IP addresses. This also turns up the risk of hitting the bottom when one of your collateral sites is spammed.

Dedicated hosting options have always been rumored to be expensive. Well, that’s true in a sense. However, with constant upgradations in technology, dedicated servers for cheap are equally up for grabs. Companies are focusing on building speedier bandwidth-intensive applications to allow websites run smooth even with most complex infrastructure.

To clinch the best deal, studying about special offers on varying servers is quite worth a shot. brings on boards promotional Netherlands servers and packages at a great budget. Performance is unbiased and the opportunity to customize hardware from a basic 4 GB to a massive 128 GB RAM space is right at your fingertips. The offer is not just restricted to Netherlands. Infact, promotional German servers and promotional Romania servers come out with equally befitting deals.

Incredible CPU choices, ranging from average AMD processors to Intel Dual Quad Core Processors, you are surely spoilt for choice. Factors like bandwidth are given equal importance.

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