Monday 27 February 2017
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5 Tips To Attract And Hold Online Poker Players

Ten years ago, playing casino games meant Vegas. The large casinos were where you dress gorgeously and spend a night trying your luck among the thousands there. Poker is a traditional game of betting which can be heard since time unknown. An internet gaming idea of poker with online poker server was something which was not into the minds of the players at all. In today’s world, we can see that online poker have grown to become an industry of its own and it is blooming with the passing days.

Know about online Poker

Now not only becoming a member of the online club is easy but also becoming an owner of the same has become even easier. You buy the software, customize it and there you are, a private club of your own. After you have your own online poker server, it is important to attract new members as it is to hold your existing ones. Losing the club members will not prove to be good for the profit of your club. Let us look at some of the retention strategies.Image result for 5 Tips To Attract And Hold Online Poker Players

  1. Recreational players love actions and hence you should make sure that you give them some. Other than giving them the traditional two cards, give them more cards to look at. In this way, even for the regular players, the game becomes competitive and they enjoy it more. Provide the players more cards in Omaha and thus give them more possibilities to make a winning hand.
  2. Lowering the price is always the best option when you are just starting out till the time you have earned some loyal members. If needs are to be increased, then slashing the price will get you more demand for players.
  3. Once in a while, offer attractive offers to the members so that even if they are losing interest, you will immediately restore it back. Events like Discounts in buy in for 24hours can be a good idea to engage more players. Finding partners to help bring members can also be used. Visit to learn more.
  4. Create something new so that the players come and try it. Mix and match games and create your own version with new rules. Variation is the rule of life and it is definitely the rule for holding members
  5. Keep options for playing with virtual money or bitcoin. In this way, you can attract even the players who are afraid to lose.

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