Monday 27 February 2017
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Go to College to Become an Entrepreneur

Getting a college degree is nearly a requirement if you want to find a decent job after high school. The problem is that the job market is so flooded with applicants who have undergraduate degrees that college-educated people are working part-time jobs and/or jobs that are not in their field of study just to make ends meet.

Consider college from the flip side. Instead of the usual bachelor’s degree to get an entry-level job somewhere that doesn’t pay much money, think of going to college as a way to get the skills you need to start your own business.

Today’s worker is more interested in having a good work-life balance than in working a typical 9 to 5 and having a steady income. The flexibility that being your own boss affords you is reason enough alone to work for yourself.

So where does college come in? What can you learn at college that you may not want to necessarily learn through experience working in your own company?Image result for Go to College to Become an Entrepreneur

For one thing, learning how to research a market to identify your potential target customers, finding an idea that is marketable, and then figuring out how to best set up and operate your business on a daily basis are invaluable skills that it makes sense to learn in college. Learn from others’ mistakes, and save time by not making them yourself.

Additionally, you can study more about the industry in which you want to open your business. Take advantage of the laboratories and knowledgeable professionals at your college to learn about the latest techniques and instruments being used. You may be better able to identify some problems with how things are being done today and design an effective and profitable solution to a problem. Just by being in college, you will have found your business idea. You could even register your company in college with a site like LegalZoom, and be ready for post-college success.

College is not just a place to get a useless degree, one which every other job candidate has. With the right mindset and focus, you can identify ways to maximize your time there to help you launch your business successfully.

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